Laptop vs Desktop: Which One You Should Buy in 2021 ?

Before you go deep into the comparison of Laptop vs Desktop, you must know the exact purpose for which you are buying a laptop or a desktop. Both laptops and desktops are capable of doing almost similar tasks and nowadays they are almost equally powerful.

laptop vs destop

Carrying Work

If you need to carry your office work with you and want a computer just to browse the Internet, create simple presentations, stream movies, etc, then a laptop will be the right choice because it is light, portable, and easy to carry. But if you are a 3D designer, gamer, or video editor and do not have to carry a computer with then a desktop is right for you. The in-depth merits and demerits may clear your mind to make a decision.

Laptop vs Desktop

A laptop is very portable and hence working on the move is possible. In the corporate world, many officials have to travel and must carry their office work with them. But there is also a higher risk of theft and there is a great chance of losing your data. With a desktop this flexibility you are not going to have.


Desktop gives better performance and can run for a couple of days without getting too hot inside. Playing games and rendering images needs a pretty long time and hence desktop is right for such work. But laptops were not designed to run for a long time and hence keeping them on for a couple of days may cause hardware failure.

The laptop comes with an inbuilt keyboard and mouse which is a total waste for a day-long user; an extra keyboard and Mouse becomes necessary.

But for people on the move, a laptop with the inbuilt keyboard, mouse, WiFi card, battery, and other necessary hardware, is very handy to use and so attracts more customers compared to desktop.

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Modern laptops can be used on battery for 6/7 hours without worrying about electricity. With a laptop, you can continue your work for extra hours even if you do not have a power backup. A desktop consumes more power and generally runs on household power. So for a power cut, you may have to suspend your ongoing work.

Upgrading Hardware

In our technology world there is always some advancement in software and hardware, so to enable your computer to run the most recent Software or games you must keep your hardware upgraded too. Here the laptop faces the challenge to keep itself up to date whereas you almost can upgrade all the hardware on a desktop.

laptop vs desktop compare

The CPUs of desktops often can be upgraded for 3 to 5 years, GPUs for 6-8 years, and other modern hardware for up to 10 years. So if you purchase a desktop with the latest and good hardware, then you may able to keep your computer updated for the next 8-10 years.


Laptops generally cost higher compared to a desktop of similar hardware and software. At a reasonable price, a desktop can be assembled with a powerful processor, graphics card, and other necessary hardware. A cool-looking RGB cabinet, RAM, and cooling system make a desktop look cool.

A desktop priced at $500 would run much faster compared to that of a laptop priced at $800. The cost of repairing a desktop is also very cheap compared to that of a laptop.


The choice depends on taste and requirement. If you want a computer to carry or move here and there even at your own residence then the laptop is right for you. You may get a modern laptop for gaming, editing, or rendering at the expense of a few hundred extra dollars.

But if you want a superfast computer that can run for a couple of years and you do not have to move your workspace frequently then a desktop is for you. You can get a powerful desktop computer at a reasonable price with hardware compatible with future upgrades.


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