How to Start a Blog in 2021?

If you are planning to start a blog, expose your skill, and earn money online, then you need a proper guide. Here you will get a step-by-step guide in very simple words from scratch.

start a blog in 2020

Earlier, blogging was just a hobby but it is a great business at present. Though already there are plenty of great blogs, you still can start – it is never too late. Famous blogs like earn about a million dollars per month. What if at the beginning you can earn only 1% of what he is earning?

Why you should start a blog ?

– You will get a platform to expose your in-depth knowledge on something

– It will improve your writing skill

– You will be able to connect and meet with many people around the world

– You will make a lot of money

The simple steps to start a blog are:

  1. Choose your blog’s category or niche
  2. Choose a domain name and hosting
  3. Install WordPress
  4. Pick a theme that suits your blog
  5. Install the most important plugins
  6. Write your first blog post and share it with the world
  7. Promote your blog to gain traffic
  8. Start Making Money

Choosing your blog’s niche

Your blog’s niche can be on anything like Travelling, Cooking, Guiding on something, etc. But remember that you must have skills, experience, and passion for the niche you choose. 

Many people start a blog with a niche they think is profitable even though they know very little about it and after a while, they cannot write informative articles and at last, they quit blogging. 

You should not pick a niche you are not passionate about and have no market value. Because if you won’t get a return from blogging you will quit too.

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Domain Name and Hosting

A domain name is the URL of your website, for example, my domain name is Try to include the primary keyword in your domain name, it will help your blog SEO. If you cannot find a domain name with a keyword, just pick a name that is easy to remember. GoDaddy, BigRock, Namecheap are popular sites to buy a domain.

start a blog

After you get your domain name you need a hosting provider that will keep your webpages on their servers. Choosing the right hosting provider is also very important as a good hosting provider will let your blog posts load faster. No one likes a slow-loading page. A good hosting provider provides you better security, customer support, tutorials, and a lot more. To start a blog you should invest a little more and choose the best shared hosting providers.

SITEGROUND: Siteground is known for its best speed, customer support, and unique security solutions. It provides built-in caching, free domain, free SSL, and free CDN. It gives a 63% discount on all the facilities it provides.

BLUEHOST: Bluehost is one of the best hosting providers in the world and is so recommended by WordPress itself. With Bluehost web hosting, you get a FREE domain, FREE SSL, and hosting plan starting at just $2.95/month (63% discount).

A2 HOSTING: A2 Hosting has also great customer support with excellent up-time. It provides good security and has a liberal refund policy. Its plan starts from $2.99 with a free domain, SSL., and free site migration which is great for the beginner.

HOSTINGER: Hostinger is one of the best cheapest hosting providers which gives a free domain, SSL, and good customer support too. Its plan starts at just $0.99 with a domain and SSL.

Installing WordPress

There are plenty of options other than WordPress, but since nearly 40% of the websites in the world use the WordPress platform, I would suggest you go with it. The main reasons for choosing this platform are:

  • No coding skill required
  • Very easy to customize
  • Availability of good free themes
  • Helpful plugins
  • Good security
  • And many more

After you get your domain and hosting you can install WordPress into your domain by logging into your hosting account.

start a blog

Installing Best Theme

The theme is the most important thing for your blog as your target audiences will read your articles displayed via the theme. WordPress provides hundreds of themes (both free and premium). Before you purchase or download a theme you can check detailed previews of different themes at Themeforest and Elegantthemes to then decide the perfect theme for your niche.

A theme enables your blog pages and posts to customize according to your needs. Some basic theme comes with very minimum functions and customization which are generally FREE. If you use a free theme you will never get support from the developer when necessary.

If you want your blog to go a long way, then it is better to get a Premium theme. In a premium theme, you will get tons of features, ready-made templates, 24×7 support, and frequent updates.

Installing Important Plugins

Plugins in WordPress are very powerful tools as they add different functionalities to your blog. There are some plugins that will give your blog a professional look and some help in ranking with the search engine.

There are some must-have plugins for every blog or website. But keep in mind that the more plugin you install, the more time it will take to load your pages. So the minimum number of some excellent plugins will definitely help your blog to get a rich look, help to drive traffic, and will provide security. The following plugins you should not avoid:

  • Yoast SE
  • Ninja Form
  • ShortPixels
  • WP Rocket
  • Elementor
  • Updraft, and
  • Akismet Anti-Spam

Creating and publishing Your Post

Once you are happy with the look and customization it is time to write your masterpiece content. Ensure that the information you are going to share with your audience is correct and with proper grammar. You should present your content in such a way that your readers find it helpful and interesting.

Your post must have really good information that helps your audience. After reading your post most of the doubts of the readers must vanish from their head. Readers do not like long and boring paragraphs, so it is a good idea to keep the paragraphs small with 4 to 5 sentences.

When you are finished with your post, hit Publish and in a second the post will be live to the world. Congrats, your blog is ready.

Promoting and gaining traffic

After posting just 2 or 3 posts you should not promote your blog. Remember that promotion is a major work to drive traffic to your blog. After like 10-15 posts you definitely should start promoting your blog.

Many blogs with quality content often fail due to the lack of exposure. 50% of your time should be given to writing good content and another 50% must spend on promoting. There are plenty of ways to promote but at the beginning, you may start with social media and Google Ads.

start a blog

Start Making Money

Once your blog gains some traffic, you may earn money from it. There are many ways to earn money from a blog, most popular source is:

  • Google Adsense
  • Sponsored Content
  • Display advertisement
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Selling products and services
  • And more

If you are consistent in your hard work, you will earn thousands of dollars per month from your blog, no matter what your niche is about. Many peoples expect to earn money just after they start a blog, but the fact is that blogging needs patience and consistency.

Blogging does not make money overnight, it may take more than six months, depending on your niche, frequency of post, SEO, and many other factors. But it is guaranteed that you will make a huge amount of money if you invest lots of time to work for your blog.



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