Improve iPhone Battery Health: Most Important Tips of 2021

iPhones these days are extremely powerful and need more power. So if you are an iPhone user, you should know all the ways to improve your iPhone battery health so that the pocket-sized device makes our work a lot easier, keeps us entertained, and connected with friends and family throughout the day. Since an iPhone needs power to process, battery backup is a very important factor.

iphone battery health

There are some hidden settings by tweaking which you can improve your iPhone’s battery life up to 30% more.

Background App Refresh

This is the best place to start to make your iPhone consume less battery juice. There are many apps that process in the background and frequently try to connect to the internet to check the latest information to be delivered to you when you open the app next time.

There are many apps from which you don’t want frequent updates which still consume battery by running in the background. We can restrict those apps from running in the background to improve iPhone battery health.

           Steps: iPhone Setting > General > Background App Refresh > Toggle Off all those apps you don’t want to process in the background.

           Note: If you want all your apps not to run in the background you may Toggle Off the button just right to “Background App Refresh”.

Location Services

This location service helps your iPhone to track your location via GPS to enhance your experience in using different apps like Maps, Uber, and health-related apps. GPS service consumes a good amount of battery juice if it turns ON and OFF throughout the day.

Steps: Settings > Privacy > Location Services

You may turn off this service completely if you rarely use location-based apps. Else you may keep the service ON and click the individual apps and choose Always or While Using or Never. It will improve your iPhone battery health to a great extend.

iphone battery health

I recommend not to choose Always but to choose While Using for apps like Maps, Uber, and Weather forecasting apps where access to GPS is necessary when you use those apps.

Choose Never for other apps where location access is not compulsory.

Turning OFF WiFi/Bluetooth/Hotspot

Note that WiFi, Bluetooth, and Hotspot services can be turned ON & OFF from Settings and Control Center as well. If you left them turned ON, they consume a good amount of battery. Remember that turning OFF these services from the Control center does not turn off completely to increase battery backup. So to turned OFF you need to go to the phone’s Setting.

Limit Notifications

To deliver your notifications an app must run in the background, do some process, and notify on your screen. This process may consume a big part of the battery if each of 20 to 30 apps displays you 1 or 2 notifications every 4-6 hours. The total number of notifications may go up to a few hundred and to process all those notifications your phones will have to consume battery.

To improve iPhone Battery health, you should turn off all those unnecessary notifications for those particular apps.

Steps: Settings > Notifications > Select apps and turn OFF.

Note: You may also keep the Notifications ON and select the Show Previews options to When Unlocked at minimum battery usage for those apps you want to get notified.

Automatic App Updates

Though it is very good to keep all your apps up to date, you surely do not wants your apps to get updated when you need your iPhone to perform faster or when your phone’s battery is almost dead. It is best to turn OFF automatic updates of apps from the Appstore or iTunes Store. 

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Steps: Settings > iTunes & App Store > Updates > Toggle OFF

Instead of allowing your phone to get its apps updated you may check once in a while and get your apps updated.

Low Power Mode

This is another very important feature iPhone has to save battery. Turning ON this feature reduces overall power requirements and hence increases your battery juice. Turning it ON will stop synching mail, Siri, some visual effects, and reduce performance.

Steps: Settings > Battery > Toggle ON Low Power Mode.

You may turn it ON/OFF directly from the Control Center also.

iphone battery health

You must have seen your battery icons turn yellow when the battery hit 20% or less power. Low battery mode automatically turns ON at 20% and when you recharge your battery and it reaches 80% this mode automatically turns OFF.

Fitness Tracking

iPhone nowadays can track your steps and fitness activities which is great for those who are fitness conscious. If you don’t want this feature turning it OFF will save battery.

Steps: Settings > Privacy > Motions & Fitness > Turn OFF Fitness Tracking 

Dynamic Backgrounds

Dynamic wallpapers give your iPhone’s wallpaper a great look at the cost of the battery. Using still wallpaper will save your iPhone battery health. If your wallpaper is live, to use still wallpaper go to:

Settings > Wallpaper > Choose a wallpaper > Still > Choose your favourite wallpaper.

Raise to Wake & Auto-lock Time

This feature tracks the movement of your iPhone and turns the display ON to show you notifications. Since the display consumes a big portion of battery power, it is better to turn OFF the Raise to Wake features.

Steps: Settings > Display & Brightness > Toggle OFF Raise & Wake

After you leave your phone idle it is better to make the display turned OFF as soon as possible. You can choose Auto-Lock time from never or longer time to 30 seconds. 

Steps: Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-lock and select as minimum as possible.


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