Android vs iPhone: Which is better to buy in 2021

Just looking at two different phones and comparing them to their looks and brand, you cannot actually decide which phone can fulfill your need. Android vs iPhone: the debate is still around us and has started a long ago. Let us look carefully at the key features of the smartphones running on Android and iOS platforms.

Android vs iPhones which is better

Though earlier Apple was the king of the smartphone market with its iOS released. After Google’s Android OS there started a debate on these two different platforms. Both platforms have advantages and disadvantages. However, a comparison of key factors shall help you to decide which one you really want to go with.


Since Apple builds both the hardware and software for the iPhones, it has total control over its performance and quality. On the other side, Google offers the Android OS and many other phone manufacturers modify the OS according to their needs and releases in the market. This is a big reason why phones of different manufacturers with similar specifications perform differently.

android vs iphone compare


When we buy a phone we are more interested in the amount of RAM, internal storage, camera, and looks. But the fact is that if your phone does not have a good processor, the RAM and Camera won’t even perform better.

Earlier only a few flagship Android phones could provide great performance, but nowadays performances of non-flagship Android smartphones with the latest Snapdragon, Helio & Kirin are just brilliant. The number of smartphones with those chips and 8 GB or more RAM performs outstandingly in most of the Tests. Hats off to Mi 10 Pro for outperforming the iPhone 11 Pro Max in AnTuTu Benchmark ranking.

On the other hand, iPhones were mostly popular because of their smooth performances since it was first launched. These days also iPhone 11 series with A13 chip gives much better overall performance and hence Bionic A13 chip is the best-performing chip so far in the market.

Gaming Experience

Because of the great combination of hardware and software iPhones always give a great experience in playing games. An iPhone with 4 GB RAM is often outperforming an Android phone with 8 or 12 GB RAM. Because of the better hardware-software optimization iPhone is still the best in gaming and multitasking.

android vs iphone compare

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User Interface

Android phones’ UI varies with manufacturers. It often includes more customization over the vanilla Android experience; HTC Sence and Samsung TouchWiz are good examples. But all iPhones almost have a similar UI, though it is likable by most users. Very few pre-installed apps can be seen in the iPhone compared to Android phones.

User interface of both the phones are fantastic except Android comes with tons of customization and is little complex for new users.

Apps availability

Google’s Playstore has almost double the apps compare to Apple’s App Store. Apple is very strict and so does not compromise the quality and usability of apps. Apple rejects the apps developed by the developers if there is even a very small matter to compromise. But in Playstore, there are still many apps with bugs and have the worst user experience. That is the reason why App Store is the winner though it has less in number compared to the PlayStore.


Both iOS and Android have been making extra efforts to improve security. After some new threat appears in the Internet world iPhone users get updates much quicker than Android users. Apple provides frequent updates to its iOS fixing different bugs, while Android phones hardly get updates. A 1-year-old Android phone may not be compatible to get the next update but a 5/6 years old iPhone used to be compatible with the OS updates. 


iPhones had a rough time in the past as the battery life was worst and for this reason, Apple had to lose a huge number of its customer just after Android phones started giving brilliant battery backup. A couple of years ago iPhone users had to charge their phones twice a day, but at present, all the recent iPhones can easily last a full day even after heavy use. But Android phones in this section were ahead of iPhone for a long.

android vs iphone compare battery


Phone cases, screen protectors, car mounts, and other accessories have great importance for almost every user. Because of the variety in different models of Android phones for each brand, the accessory manufacturers often get puzzled and so Android users hardly get their eye-catching accessories for their Smartphones. On the other hand, there are only a few iPhone models and you will find hundreds of cool accessories for each of the models of the iPhone in every mobile accessory store.

Quality and Price

A few years back many people used to hate iPhones as because, either they could not afford them or were afraid of the poor battery performance. But these days even Android phones like Google Pixel and Samsung S20 Ultra are too expensive. If we say the quality and look, then obviously iPhones catches everyone’s eye, but in terms of price Android phones were always the winner.


Nowadays with the availability of cheap internet service and its uses in every field of work, a smartphone has huge importance in our life. iPhone starts from $400 and Android starts from less than $100. Android phones are more affordable for everyone because of the low starting price and are the winner in this section.


It is clear that both Android and iPhones have pros and cons. If you want your phone to be more customizable and want more features in less money, then Android phones will be a better option. And if you can invest more than $400 and is looking for a classy smartphone with excellent performance then iPhone is for you. 



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